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My name is Kimmie Fransson and I have worked as an illustrator for six years. I live in Sweden together with my lovely Sara, our two kids, and my little brother.

In my profession, as an illustrator and writer, I want to recreate the magic of childhood magic and create it where it doesn't exist.

I am interested in picture books but also books for older children. I have published eight books and three CD albums.

If you want to see what happens behind the scenes, sketches and other fun stuff you can see it all over my social media accounts.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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BIS Publications
Andra Världar Förlag
Bromölla Cable Park
Fallon Books 
Team FishmeisterFransson
Monno Vision 
Stiftelsen Pharos

Crystal Sky

5 Senses
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Society of Visual Storytelling

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